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{Ken – Sho}


1. From the Japanese Ken (seeing) & Sho (nature)

2. An insight, or awakening. Enlightenment


Kensho Vitality is a young British supplement and vitamin providing targeted, naturopathic, herbal and sports supplements to anyone who demands the best from their nutrition.

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Feel Healthier

We have a huge range of vitamins and suppliements to ensure you are constantly and consistently feeling at your best all day long.

Vitamins and Supplements UK

Feel More Awake

Our Vitamin B and Vitamin D supplements are guaranteed to make you feel more awake or your money back.

Vitamins and Supplements UK

Hand Picked Vitamins

All of our Vitamins and Health Supplements are hand selected.  We have personally tried and tested every single line available.

Vitamins and Supplements UK

New Vitamin Crazes?

We constantly have our ear to the street, listening for all the new health crazes.  We try and test, then hand select the best for you!

Vitamins and Supplements UK

UK Vitamin Stock

Our stock is held in the UK, this means you benefit from fast distribution and hassle free retrurns of your products when you shop at Kensho Vitality

Vitamins and Supplements UK

Help Selecting Vitamins

We are always happy to recommend vitamins and supplements free of charge, please drop us a line to find out more.